USB-NES Firmware Version 0.64 Available

The essential upgrade for USB-NES to support homebrew flash carts and manual mapper overrides:

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Is it possible to use other hardware with usbnes software/firmware?

I have an INL kazzo from 2014 already but I’m struggling to get Mega Man X age of Wily to dump! Any help would be great.

Hi Adam,
I apologize for the late reply.
The firmware is proprietary for now.
The BTTD Group is not affiliated with kazzo.
I’m sorry to hear you couldn’t get your MMXAW to dump.
Is the game not just a re-skinned MM1 hack? That should be using a UNROM 128 KB boardset, but that game has a lot of graphics so I wonder if they’re using some other hardware.
Do you have any pics/links to the MMXAW boardset?
If the boardset is UNROM, I wonder why the Kazzo dumper wouldn’t just work. Should be mapper type 2, 128 KB PRG-ROM, 8 KB CHR-RAM if the game is just straight-up a MM1 hack.
If that doesn’t work, I’d suggest picking up a USB-NES (or DIY-KIT) because that way I can work with you to dump the game if it doesn’t automatically already know the hardware in the cart.

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