New USB-NES Lite Blackline Series, Firmware v0.79 Now Available

USB-NES Blackline White and NEON Yellow models.

Introducing the new, slick and stylish USB-NES Blackline series, available in our online shop.

The white on black contrast gives USB-NES an appealing and intriguing aesthetic.

Moreover, USB-NES firmware v0.79 is now available, with the most notable improvement being the ability to play Dragon Warrior 3 + 4 NES games. Some additional Famicom boardset mappers are also supported; please see the Stable USB-NES Firmware Versions Available section for details on the upgrade.


USB-NES now plays NEW NES games Kira Kira Star Night DX and the Data East All-Star Collection!

The firmware will be launched on the website in the following days from this post.

Firmware improvements:

– initial mapper 268 support (COOLBOY/MINDKIDS), offset variant support @ $5004
– initial large NES/Famicom games detection system
– DE collection works
– kira kira star works
– reworked bus conflict mapper detection system; fixed bugs and faster detecting now
– fixed media set problems when writing system files to the drive
– can reload NES game by reading DETECT.TXT
– override text file for easy user patching
– empty cart slot default mapper mode setting
– add 28 nS delay to /ROMSEL line to fix some mappers
– MC-ACC mapper chip supported
– support deferring CHR-ROM data to PRG-ROM
– increase size of settings.txt up to 1KB
– increase size of override.bin up to 4KB
– add new TEST sequence mode for override.bin
– add new bcmtable.bin file for customizing bus conflict tests
* you will need to download bcmtable.bin to your unit after the firmware upgrade.
– added 11 more settings:


Kernel improvements:
Version 0.07

– improved media reset support
– corrected file attribute assignment bug
– added 4 KB disk write buffer for streaming in unknown file data
– added support for .goutputstream in Linux
– drag + drop to USB-NES in linux works now, editing setting in linux works.


USB-NES Firmware Version 0.64 Available

The essential upgrade for USB-NES to support homebrew flash carts and manual mapper overrides:


The USB-NES Forums are now open!

This is an open, public forum dedicated to supporting the USB-NES community and anyone can join. All comments, opinions, inquiries, problems and constructive criticism related to USB-NES are welcome here.


USB-NES lite Version 0.42 now available!

The first USB-NES lite devices will be sold with firmware version 0.42, which adds support for MMC5-type NES games, as well as TENGEN’s RAMBO series board sets, taking the supported mapper count to over 40. The mirroring flag in the iNES header is now cleared when reading ASIC-type mapper game carts (as opposed to previously always being set). An optional setting has been added to enable the NES 2.0 mode, as well as limiting the maximum vaules of the bus timing parameters to 1 microsecond.


The Big-Time Technology Development Group is Open for Business!

USB-NES is the first commercial product being released by the BTTD Group!