NES Chipset & Parts Kit

While supplies last! Original NES chipset and components pulled from authentic toaster NES units. All chips are 100% tested and verified working on a socketed NES-CPU-11 mainboard.

NES Chipset + Parts Kit

Includes CPU and PPU chips and standard NES/Famicom chipset, plus all parts for clock generator, CIC path and resistor networks.

Qty.Chipset PartsNES PCB Ref.
1RP2A03G (CPU)U6
22KB x 8 SRAM (thin)U1 U4
274HC368U7 U8
1220 K OhmsR10
121.47727 MHz x’talX1
130 pF tuning capacitorTC1
Base chipset parts and master NTSC crystal oscillator.
Qty.Chipset PartsNES PCB Ref.
1RP2C02G (PPU)U5
PPU parts and CIC.
Qty.Chipset PartsNES PCB Ref.
112 x 103JRA1
14 x 682JRA2
2C2021Q2 Q3
2510 OhmsR11 R12
1150 K OhmsR13
251 p FaradC43 C45
115 p FaradC42
118 p FaradC41
3220 p FaradC6 C7 C44
10.1 u FaradC8
12.2 u FaradC9
11 M OhmR1
1220 OhmR5
12.2 K OhmR17
14 MHz CrystalX2
21 K OhmR18 R19

NES Chipset + Audio Parts Kit

Includes all aforementioned parts, plus all parts for the audio path.

Qty.Chipset PartsNES PCB Ref.
2100 OhmR3 R4
220 K OhmR7 R9
2220 p FaradC20 C21
112 K OhmR8
11 u FaradC23
147 K OhmsR6
139 u HenryFC1
10.01 u FaradC4

Toaster NES Mainboard Reference

OpenTendo NES-CPU-11 Clone PCB

Thanks to Redherring32 for this excellent NES-CPU-11 clone PCB design.